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Lucy Page Gaston: The Original Auntie
Lucy Page Gaston: The Original Auntie



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AARP fights our right to freedom of choice

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Smokers' Right to Choose

All adults have the inalienable right to choose how to live their lives without interference, without being victimized, attacked, or reviled for their choices. Unfortunately, bigotry against smokers, borne out of hatred, jealousy, and the pathological need to control others, is occurring around the world.

Created and funded by the anti-smoking industry, in concert with the health and pharmaceutical industries (who are in it only for the money), a cruel, terrible monster known as Auntieism, a/k/a Nannyism, is circling the globe.  Stealing smokers' tobacco tax money to publicly spread lies and misinformation, Aunties scare innocent children into hating adults who choose to smoke (even their parents) using systematic indoctrination techniques.  This is child abuse!

Members of the ASHole for-profit organization, for example, charge their members a fee for "how-to kits" which teaches them how to have their neighbor's children taken away from them ... just because one or both of the neighbors have chosen to use tobacco products.

The hatred, bigotry, and discrimination must stop NOW!  Join a smokers' rights organization, write letters to newspapers and other media, talk to your family and friends ... do anything you can to spread the Real Truth behind the anti-smoker campaign which is seriously endangering everyone's Right to Choose how they live.

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